Friday, December 25, 2015


Earlier tonight I took a little stroll. We have two Chinese restaurants nearby. Well, more general interest Asian, but they serve Chinese dishes among other.Neither of them were open. Some other restaurants were, but not those.

It's not like there are no Jews in the neighborhood. There are, or at least a large population of maile hat enthusiasts.

In conclusion, life is weird.


susan said...

On our warm and sunny Christmas Day there were a lot of people and dogs in the park. It was nice but I guessed it was partly because the stores were closed. Then today with everything open for business there was another crowd in the park. I guess they heard the news snow is coming and wanted to enjoy that soon to be rare day out.

Ben said...

On big holidays - Christmas, the nation's choice of Thanksgiving Day, etc - people tend to spend a lot of time cooped up. It's likely they wanted to get out and stretch their legs now that they could. Of course I'm sure the weather didn't hurt either.