Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wet night

Earlier in the night I got off the bus and a couple of young ladies were looking for Apsara's, an Asian restaurant. The driver didn't know where it was, but I told them truthfully that they'd gone a few blocks too far. By bus or foot they'd have to turn back. The skies were clear then.

More recently I was sitting here and heard the wind, which rattled the window panes once in a while. Then I noticed the sound of water in there too. So we got a sudden rain... I woulds say "rainstorm." Much too calm for that. But we are getting something of a downpour. I got up and looked out the window. Not the one exactly in my apartment, but out in the hall. I looked out and found it good.


susan said...

It was lucky for the girls you were there to direct them.

The best time to find it's raining outside is most definitely when you're warm and dry at home.

Ben said...

Well, I like to help when I can. With directions I can be pretty counterproductive if there are any turns to be taken. Luckily in this case there weren't.

If it's at all a heavy rain you're right.