Friday, November 20, 2015

Rhody showing

These two paintings are from a Providence-based artist named Julie Gearan. The cook picture is cropped somewhat, which is a shame. The full-length version is on her website but wasn't downloadable.

There's a tension in a lot of her work between the Flemish-style classicism of her rendering and the contemporary subjects. Subtly sometimes, but they are modern. Note the female Pierrot's cigarette and slapdash makeup. Sure she's not the only one this could be said about, but she's gotten very interesting results.

Gearan also painted the official portrait of former Governor Lincoln Chafee. You can find it online if you look. It's such a work of classical grandeur that it may have played a role in convincing him he should run for President. Oh well.


susan said...

I'm pretty sure I've come across her work before. It's very unique and outrageous too in an odd way. Of course, a number of the Flemish masters pulled off some very realistic portrayals of their subjects too.

I see what you mean about the portrait of Lincoln Chafee. What's that he has his hand on, I wonder? It looks like a hairy rock.

Many thanks for your bd note. We'll look forward to talking soon.

Ben said...

Oh yes, Flemish genre paintings could be quite true to life. Grant Wood was a follower of that school, and I think Andrew Wyeth as well.

A hairy rock? Interesting idea, and I can kind of see it. Sounds like something Jim Henson would come up with.