Sunday, November 8, 2015

Groovy sounds

Late this morning or early this afternoon - think it was technically still morning - I was walking from place to place in a residential neighborhood that had some trees in it. From above I heard a bird calling. It had kind of a harsh, raspy sound. I couldn't see the bird, it had found someplace to hide. I don't know what species it was, either. But I enjoy these bird calls that aren't traditionally pretty or musical. They sound like an avian sufficiently self possessed to do its own thing.


susan said...

If I were to take a guess my thought is that you were likely hearing a crow. We've met up with a number of them these past few years and their vocal range is pretty astounding.

Ben said...

You may well be right. I couldn't be sure it was a crow because it wasn't a standard crow caw, but as you say they have a pretty wide range. Next time I hear that sound I'll be on the lookout for black feathers.