Monday, November 30, 2015

"Never mind"

Somehow this song came back to me because I remembered having no idea what it was about. The title sounded like "bucket of tea" to me. I vaguely knew the Who were English and somehow even as a child I'd already picked up on tea being a British thing. But drinking it from a bucket just sounded nasty.

Later I learned about the soul band Booker T & the MGs. So was it "my Booker T"? That didn't fit the lyrics at all.

The above picture illustrates what a bucket-T actually is. I can see getting enthusiastic about it. And yeah, would be hard to fit another passenger in there.


susan said...

Talk about one of those misunderstandings that could have been settled in minutes, eh? Nevertheless, it sounds as though you made full use of your imagination coming up with the explanations you mentioned. I found a pretty interesting web page that highlighted the origins of the Bucket-T - or T Bucket as it was known early on.

Ben said...

That is a very cool article, and I congratulate you on finding it. I love the picture of the guy with his engine open, figuring out what to do with it, while his baby daughter gapes from the front seat.

Side-note. I'm only skipping over responding to Jerry's comment on the previous post because it's late and I still have to take out the trash. I'll get back to it soon.