Thursday, September 10, 2015

... than curse the darkness

Joel Hodgson seems to have a few Facebook voters after my own heart. If I had to pick one MST3K episode that stood out above all the others, it would likely be Eegah!The low-stakes Johnson era caveman caper brought out the best in Best Brains. Also has some of Joel's best philosophical musings, seen below.


susan said...

This was a great find. The Turkey Day special was a good way of seeing episodes you may have missed - and for recording purposes too.

My favorites of the series were the Japanese monster movies they showed - especially Mothra and the pair of foot-tall priestesses who were the only ones who could call on her for help when things got out of hand.

Ben said...

"Keep circulating the tapes" as they used to say.

The gaiju movies were fun. I remember that Tom Servo and Crow had fun with the twin princess characters. Schlocky as the movies may have been, some had creative touches you just had to admire.