Sunday, September 13, 2015

Li'l devil

Doktor Faust | Doctor Faustus (1938) from Msumofpuppetry on Vimeo.

Do't think I have waking time to put up the post I originally meant to. Another night, perhaps? I can give you this moment of Zen, as it were. It's backstage at a Slovenian puppet production of Faust. These people are some dedicated pros. The puppets are lovely too. Unless you have a phobia about puppets, in which case I'm sorry.


susan said...

What's so neat about this video is seeing just how much satisfaction the old time professional puppeteers are taking from the show. I do like puppets.

Speaking of puppets (well, dummy), last week we watched W.C. Fields and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in 'You Can't Cheat an Honest Man'. Charlie was the funniest character in the movie.

Ben said...

I do see that satisfaction you talk about. Well they have worked hard, I'm guessing, to be where they are.

Watching a few clips of Edgar and Charlie from that movie, I'm amazed at the rapport that Bergen had with his "little friend." He was a rare breed even among ventriloquists.