Sunday, September 27, 2015

Out of sight

So, the lunar eclipse. Kind of exciting. I have to admit, I was sort of out of the lunar loop, so I didn't know it was happening until it started. The owner of the cafe I was playing cards in told everyone about it, so we went out to take a couple of looks between hands. The blur around what was left of the moon at first was a pretty good indicator that something was up. 30-40 minutes later there was just a dark orange smudge where the moon would usually be. Cool scene, and not one you see very often, which is why it drew a crowd I guess.


susan said...

One thing I hate about living in a typical apartment building is that all the windows face in one direction. In our case that direction is west, and while that's okay (far better than east or, God forbid, north) the result as far as the eclipse was concerned was that we couldn't see it. Round about 10:15 we put on our shoes and jackets and walked down the street a little way so we could have a look. At that point the show had barely begun in these parts. A little while later Jer went off to bed to read his book and I never did go back outside.

Eclipses are rare enough to be very cool so we're glad to know you saw this one. We've seen two others - the first from Armadillo Arms when you were five (I woke you up but I'm sure you don't remember) and the second from our townhouse apartment in Portland at the end of 1999.

Ben said...

I'm kind of lucky I was out with friends when it happened. Otherwise I could easily have forgotten it was going to happen, assuming I even knew to begin with.

Sorry to hear that your visibility was blocked. Glad you went for a little stroll and caught some of it. Not that I blame you for curling up with a book or what have you afterwards.

Armadillo Arms. That is some time ago. Somebody asked me if I had seen an eclipse before, and I had a vague memory but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know why.