Friday, September 18, 2015

A thought

Possibly another Final Songs around the corner. I'm thinking over some candidates.

I've come to appreciate unfiltered people over the years. Not unsocialized people, but people who don't sugarcoat their opinions. You can trust them, and they make the world a more interesting place.


susan said...

One of the two major characters in a Swedish-Danish television series we watched called Bron/Broen (The Bridge) is very much like that. The story itself was almost classically dismal in its Scandinavian setting, but Saga Noren made watching the show a second time very worthwhile.

Take your time with the Final Songs project. It's worth doing well.

Ben said...

I think "The Bridge" is one of those shows that's gotten an American remake. I'm not familiar with either version, but the original sounds interesting as you describe it.

Just did a new Final Songs. Not sure if I'm going to be aiming for a certain day of the week or just whenever I get a chance. It'll sort itself out, I suppose.