Monday, July 6, 2015

Zounds, sounds

I have a ceiling fan in the entrance room to my apartment. Not too surprisingly, this is the time of year it gets a lot of use. I just noticed how much it sounds like an airplane overhead, but much quieter. The world's most laid back airplane.


susan said...

Besides one like that in the bedroom, we also have three standing fans. If it won't be cool at least it can be breezy.

I've been meaning to tell you about a new favorite website/blog called Esoterx, written by a well informed and very droll anthropologist.

Ben said...

Breezy is good. Breezy is what you envy on those stagnant days. So the fans seem a good idea.

I bookmarked Esoterx when I saw the link. I intend to delve further into it in the next few days.