Friday, July 10, 2015

Frosty Friday Random Ten

Are you in the habit of packing a summer sweater. I've noticed that a number of establishments crank the AC so high in summer that indoors feels like some kind of artificial robot winter. Hence the precautions.

1. Kendra Shank - Wish
2. Beth Custer - Tango
3. Dave van Ronk - Motherless Children
4. Imperial Teen - Don't Know How You Do It
5. Fitz & the Tantrums - The Walker
6. Nellie McKay - Really
7. Finn Riggins - Dali*
8. David Bowie - Suffragette City
9. Lower Dens - Societe Anonyme
10. Sara Vaughan - 'Round Midnight
* Finn Riggins - Dali from Tyler T. Williams on Vimeo.


susan said...

I see your point. Just about the worst places to walk into on hot summer days are the grocery stores.

Nice FR10. I enjoyed seeing Finn Riggins and you probably know Suffragette City is an old favorite of ours.

Ben said...

Grocery stores you're at least moving around in. But then you have to wait in line, so it's the same problem.

Thought the mustaches were a nice addition to a sweet song. And "Suffragette City" is an undeniable song.