Monday, July 20, 2015

The hunger games

Overheard tonight in Downtown Providence:
"I can't cook, never cook. That's what my girl's for. I burn eggs."

For a while I've thought that men, because of more extended bachelorhoods, were learning skills like cooking, which might make marriage go smoother down the line. Perhaps I need to reassess.

For myself I can cook pasta with sauce made from scratch, rice. I can bake or mash potatoes. Probably more stuff given enough time/proper cookware.


susan said...

While it's true that more young women know how to cook than young men it seems to me that microwave ready food and prepared stuff in general has made many people strangers to the culinary arts. You seem to be doing okay but there are times when I wish I had taught you to cook.

Ben said...

I guess thanks to those things cooking doesn't quite mean what it did.

No real regrets here, though. There's always room one's head to learns.