Sunday, February 22, 2015

Picture this

I'm not going in with any great familiarity with Sra Iturbide's work, but what I see hear is quite lovely. She does have a gift for making black and white (maybe with a brown tint in places) come alive.

Also I like this clip because Spanish, when you take time to listen to it, is a beautiful language, one that we don't appreciate often.


susan said...

I hadn't seen her work until now. You're right that the photographs she's taken are very beautiful.

Spanish is a lovely language and one not too difficult to learn if you have the inclination. Unlike the French (who are language proud), Spaniards love it when they find someone learning to speak their language. At least that was my experience when I worked among Spanish speakers.

Ben said...

I sort of just found out about this photographer when I saw that she was profiled in the latest edition of "Art 21", a show about contemporary artists that PBS airs every couple of years. The work by her that I've seen has been very striking.

Haven't met too many Spaniards proper, but I think you're right about Spanish speakers as a general rule.