Sunday, February 15, 2015

3 the hard way

Three robotic monkeys playing along to fizzy Latin American novelty music. I think the brilliance of the Nairobi Trio is how close it comes to being unbearably creepy. It's just those occasional reminders that there are people underneath the masks that make it safe to laugh.


susan said...

Knowing that two actors under the masks were Ernie and Edie made the Nairobi Trio even more fun for me. There have always been rumors the third gorilla mask was worn by famous people. Jack Lemmon and Frank Sinatra were two of them but there were others.

Ben said...

I remember seeing Lemmon talking about doing the Nairobi Trio. Sinatra I can see. He wasn't a stuffed shirt, or at least not always. That's Edie on the piano. Somehow I do think this is funnier for the involvement of a married couple.