Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Random Ten by the seat of the pants

Because I have something else going on Sunday morning - which for all I know will end up cancelled - I need to do grocery shopping tomorrow. Which will be mayhem, because we're expecting - wait for it - another blizzard.

Someday we'll look back on this and laugh.

1. Elton John - Come Down In Time
2. Pink Martini - She Was Too Good to Me
3. Dave Van Ronk - Motherless Children
4. Fleetwood Mac - Save Me a Place
5. The Band - Caledonia Mission
6. Aaron Neville - Over You
7. The Who - Tattoo
8. Fitz & the Tantrums - Out of My League
9. Sun Ra - Space Jazz Reverie
10. Imperial Teen - All the Same


susan said...

Yep, we did that extra grocery shopping too. It's still blowing like crazy out there.

It's nice to see Elton John in your FR10 this week and that Who song is still one of my favorites of theirs.

I'm not laughing about this winter yet, but I hope you've stayed mostly warm and dry.

Ben said...

I did grocery shopping yesterday too. It wasn't quite as bad because the storm wasn't thought as likely to go full blizzard, and in fact it didn't.

Both good songs. "Cos his tattoo was of a lady in the nude/And my mother thought that was extremely rude."

Dry, yes, for the most part. I've had to spend some time in the cold, but I think I'm over it.