Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Welcome to Diciembre, amigos

Thing to love about Wall of Voodoo: Timbales, baby! Not really in much use outside of Latin, jazz, and Latin jazz, but you kind of need them for a song called "Mexican Radio".

Thing to love about this video: Stan Ridgway's suit. It sort of fits. Has a definite "most affordable suit at the Salvation Army" quality. Keep it real, Stan.


susan said...

It was great listening to this song again - always a favorite and appropriate to the times as well.

Your comment about "most affordable suit at the Salvation Army" made me laugh.

Ben said...

And bracingly festive, as well.

The thing about the Salvation Army is that I can relate to it. But it's the kind of roughness in appearance that was sort of not long for this world.