Friday, December 26, 2014

mumble mumble

Will be a Saturday Random Ten again this week. Last night I couldn't import any music, which I felt like doing. Thought I had to reinstall iTunes, but it turned out what I really needed to do was some kind of Windows fix. So it goes.

Had a decently productive night. At a coffee shop I deleted a few paragraphs that weren't working, wrote another paragraph, and got kicked out. The coffee shop was supposed to be open another hour and a half and change, though I was only going to be there for fifteen minutes or so. It was a slow night, though, and the barista got antsy. The perils of writing in public places. Well, some public places. But anyway, I got some more stuff done after I got home. Hope to have it in shape to show my writing group in the near future.


susan said...

SR10s are always good too. Jer lost his old macbook a few weeks ago when the hard drive failed. It took a lot of effort to transfer all the music on our external hard drive to my computer. Good thing I didn't have to do it.

Sorry to hear you got tossed out of the coffee shop for writing rather than buying more lattes (or whatever). It's good to know the writing is going better.

Ben said...

RIP on Jerry's macbook. These things can be highly inconvenient. As for me, the CD reading thing is a continuing problem, so there are at least a couple more SR10s in the immediate future.

It's a little annoying when a place is supposed to be open for certain hours and staff go out of their way to not fulfill those hours. Not that I intend to stay till closing, but it's hard to concentrate when you futilely hope more customers will come in and keep the place open. But I sort of worked around that.