Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It all comes out in the wash

Usually I do my laundry during the day. I'm able to take a little time off every couple of weeks to do a few needed errands during the day, laundry included.

This week a guy I work with is out. I have to cover for him, so he can't for me. So I had to wait until evening to do my wash.

Main difference is that the TV shows in the background are (even) more obnoxious. This definitely includes the nightly network news broadcast. Brian Williams may be a cool guy in regular life, I have no way of knowing that.  IN the context of the news, he's a useless empty shirt.

Still, I like this laundromat. Hope they don't think I'm blaming them.


susan said...

Oh dear, clothes washing and brain washing at no extra charge.

In Bismark, ND we came across a place where you could wash your clothes and your car.

Ben said...

No extra charge indeed! I ain't payin' extra for that.

The place in Bismarck sounds like quite a sight. Makes sense it would be in the sparser part of the country. You could spend a lot of time commuting from laundry to car wash if they weren't the same place.