Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ear. Shot.

Heard earlier tonight from a well-dressed fellow:

"Starbucks, this Starbucks has the most fucked up people. I mean, they're all assholes."

Was this gentleman drunk? I kind of hope he had at least that excuse. He was right in front of the counter, and I was further away from him than that and could hear him loud and clear. If you don't have the balls to cuss people out to their face, make an effort to insure that they don't wind up hearing you.


numb said...

being obnoxious has to suck - unlike everyone around you, you can't just ignore it, or walk away...

Ben said...

Sartre said that Hell is other people. But you can get away from other people. Not all of them, but just about any individual. So you make a strong point.