Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Random Ten without

Didn't get any trick or treaters tonight. Well, didn't see any. For a good chunk of the evening I was hanging out elsewhere. For some reason a sing on the door reading "Hey kids door open and candy. S inside" didn't seem like a great idea.

1. Lou Rawls - Down Here On the Ground
2. New Order - Your Silent Face
3. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Bijou
4. Laurie Anderson - Walking and Falling
5. Metric - Youth Without Youth
6. Saint Vincent - I Prefer Your Love
7. Fleetwood Mac- Tusk
8. Fats Domino - Poor Me
9. The Band - The Weight
10. Diana Krall - Let's Fall In Love


susan said...

While I've heard rumors that some neighborhoods still see trick or treaters, we haven't seen any in years.

Nice FR10. You just reminded me of Laurie Anderson with a lightbulb in her mouth. Those were the days.

Ben said...

It seems likely that the rise of helicopter parenting mixed with a very small number of bad apples out there (both kinds) has made trick or treating less of a thing. Depending on the neighborhood.

Looked up that picture of Laurie Anderson you mentioned. It's the cover of United States. Pretty cool.