Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The yips

Problems and solutions.  Or if not solutions, if there's no way to resolve the issue in the here and now, then at least constructive responses.

One problem I've had recently is that one of my friends has apparently decided that he hates one of my other friends.  This is a fairly recent development.  And it's only a problem for me, really, because I have to hear about it.  The hater doesn't have any  true complaints against the hatee.  It's mainly a matter of insecurity, I think.  So I'm just going to stand my ground on this one.  There was a time when I couldn't stand the thought of anyone being angry at me, but I think I've gone beyond that.

Another problem, of late, is that I've been stymied on a story and it's consumed inordinate amounts of writing time.  Well, staring at the screen time.  It's proven such a dead end that I've found myself forgetting how to do things I know how to do.

For context I've sent off a couple of pieces this year that I feel I can take some pride in.  Will they be published?  Don't know.  But I think I've made the stories concise and driven enough to avoid the form letter response or the rejection that tells me I haven't gone anywhere with the story or that there's too much padding.

Problem here was that I had too many disparate parts that I couldn't make work together.  And that's largely because I took the already crumbling bones of another project I had been working on and tried to adapt it to an anthology request for submissions.  The anthology requirements just added another level of vomplexity to what was already kind of convoluted.

So what to do?  Pivot into the next thing.  Provided that thing isn't having an embarrassing tattoo etched across my face.


susan said...

Well, I can see that would be a problem for you, all the more so if the three of you used to spend time together. Not knowing anything about the situation all I can do is hope that things work out between them. Goodness knows we're allotted few enough friends in this world where there's already more than enough anger to go around.

I'm sorry you've run into a writer's block scenario. Sometimes that happens no matter the medium. In order to break out of a corner I seem to have painted myself into, just recently I've begun an online course to learn how to paint landscapes in watercolor. As you say, moving on to something different can help.

We'd love to read the stories you felt were good enough to publish.

Ben said...

Thank you for your good wishes. I don't know how things will turn out. I do feel very strongly that I'm in the right, wich hopefully works out to be an advantage.

It wasn't writer's block,so much. Writer's block is not being able to produce anything. This was more a matter of producing something but not being able to use it because of a failure of... vision, maybe? Anyway, I'm having more luck now.

I'm waiting to see what kind of reactions the stories get. One way or another you'll see them, though.