Thursday, July 10, 2014

Acting out for attention

Tonight I went with a friend of mine and his kids and a couple of other friends to see a RiffTrax live-by-satellite show.  That is, a movie was snarked in a theatre in hteir native Minneapolis, but the whole ting, incluiding a short, was beamed via satellite to a bunch of movie theaatres.

Mike, Kevin and Bill - the second Crow - are pros, and I perceive them as nice guys.  There's a reason why MST3K is MST3K and its successors aren't, despite a higher initial profile.  But they put together a pretty good show.

Sharknado.  I'm sure I could put a video clip of Sharknado up here but... I won't.  I get the feeling that the movie was explicitly made for this purpose, that they knew parody would be as much of an afterlife as the movie would get.


susan said...

You're right that MST3K was the only MST3K - in fact it was so much so for us that we never watched it again after droll Joel left the show. We did see one of the RiffTrax videos a few years ago, but the humor seemed forced.

Did the kids enjoy it?

Ben said...

Ron's son Sammy was there. He got scared at one point and had to sit closer to his father. I guess because the movie was violent, despite how cheesy it was.

Joel was the original raison d'etre so I can see how the show might lose a lot of its appeal when he left.