Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A midsummer oops

Sunglasses.  Unless you wear a really luxe pair I think you expect to lose or break them at some point.  So if I misplaced a pair of shades on the bus I'd probably just write it off.  Same thing with a hat, probably.  Hats are replaceable.

This morning, though, I left my backpack on a bus.  It wasn't until the bus was gone and I was grabbing coffee that I realized that.  The bag has an address book in it.  Also toothbrush and toothpaste, because a lot of days I do dental hygiene at work rathter than at home (not counting brushing my teeth at night.)  The real deciding factor was that my partials were in there.  They'd be an expensive pain in the ass to replace.  So I waited for the bus to come up the other way so I could grab my stuff again.

All of which is a bit embarrassing, but we're getting to the part of the year where I can blame the heat/humidity for breaking my concentration.


susan said...

Yeah, there are some things you just have to wave good-bye to and others worth the effort of retrieval.

A very long time ago I realized I'd left a new pair of leather gloves in a phone booth as soon as I stepped out. Before I could get them a well dressed older woman went inside and closed the door. I waited. When she left the booth I looked inside only to find the gloves were gone and the woman had disappeared into the crowd.

Ben said...

It sounds like this lady might have been a professional, or at least a habitual stickyfingers. It takes practice to be that smooth about it. Bet she was following you.

Umbrellas, I should say, are worth retrieving if they're quality umbrellas. But that might be mission impossible, since they disappear quick when they're out of your sight.