Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The wrong place?

Today I went to the dentist for my semiannual checkup/cleaning.  They weren't there.  Which is strange enough.  The door was locked, and from a note I learned that they'd apparently been trying to reach me in order to let me know that... what?  The whole story will come out tomorrow, I guess.

Near the dentist's office is a restaurant.  Well, it's not a restaurant now.  And that's the thing.  This location has been on-and-off for years, with different names and different owners.  I've had breakfast or lunch in it a few times.  One of these times was long enough ago for there to be ashtrays on the table.  The most recent guise for this place was Latin themed.  Makes sense, as its a Latin neighborhood, in the main, with a lot of recent immigrants from Central America.  But still it only lasted a few months.

The thing is, I've seen economically depressed neighborhoods.  I've lived in them.  I wouldn't really call this neighborhood depressed.  A lot of places do seem to do good business.  But whoever occupies this storefront always seems to draw the short straw.


susan said...

Answering machine broken?

I've heard that restaurants are one of the most difficult new business enterprises to undertake. It must be incredibly hard to make money and also keep on top of all the regulations. I'm sorry to hear that one closed too.

Ben said...

Actually I gave them my work number as a contact, which usually works out fine, but this happened to be a day off for me, so they never got in touch with me. Then the next day the dentist's office was closed. The day after that we rescheduled. Still not sure why they cancelled on me in the first place, but I'll ask.

Opening a restaurant must be a labor of love. You kind of hope that love works otu, but you never know.