Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roundup, of sorts

Thsi week will see a Saturday Random Ten, rather than a true FR10.  The important thing is, it will be just as fresh and delicious as ever.

Watched Wait Until Dark earlier tonight.  It's a clever and creepy little movie, matching Audrey Hepburn who is perfect in that she initially seems too wimpy to even watch this movie, much less star in it; with Alan Arkin, who's not a loveable rebel this time so much as a demon escaped from Hell.  Something tells me that if this story were filmed today it would be done a lot more ham-handedly.  In fact it's basically already happened.  Panic Room, from about ten years ago, is basically the same movie screamed through a megaphone.

Also read Mrs Pargeter's Plot, by Simon Brett, this week.  Mrs Pargeter is the widow of a smooth criminal, and thereby an unusual detective story heroine.  Rather pleasantlyskewed, in this novel.


susan said...

Saturday Random Tens are always as welcome as the usual.

Wait Until dark really is a great movie and one that stays in the memory long after the last viewing. I tend to think most remakes show a lack of imagination anyway, but a few have been well done - 1962s Cape Fear with Robert Mitchum is well matched by the one with Robert DiNiro made in 1991 (Mitchum has a small role).

Oh, now you've made me want to read some Mrs. Pargeter novels. That does sound like fun.

Ben said...

I only kind of scratched the surface of the Mrs Pargeter book. It's a pretty canny story. Published in the mid-late 90s. Simon Brett has like four different mystery series and he's still writing, and I'm sure there's some variation in quality, but this was a primisng introduction.

The Cape Fear remake was pretty good. It amped things up in a way that made it more conventional as a horror movie, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun watching it.