Friday, September 27, 2013

Fee line Friday Random Ten

Dewpite its reputation, I'd never seen Bringing Up Baby before tonight. It very much is worth watching. Howard Hawks was such the man's man that if he was going to direct a romantic comedy, he'd damn well have a real live jungle cat on-set. There's also an impressive level of surface hostility here. Cary Grant's character starts off as easily dominated by everyone, but for some reason Katherine Hepburn makes him snap.

1. Rasputina - A Quitter*

2. Chic - My Feet Keep Dancing

3. Talk Talk - Today

4. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - No Action

5. R.E.M. - Laughing

6. Beck - Scarecrow

7. Brian Eno - Needles In the Camel's Eye

8. Gogol Bordello - Undestructable

9. Neko Case - Magpie to the Morning

10. Jimmy Smith - While We're Young

* Plus hidden track


susan said...

It's been a while now since we've seen it but I have very fond memories of Bringing Up Baby. We've been wishing there was a service that specialized in providing movies more than 25 years old to watch. It would be cool. Speaking of which, here's a clip of how Monty Python and the Holy Grail would likely be marketed now. Not far off, eh?

Nice FR10 this week with some of my favorites - ie, Elvis Costello, Beck and Gogol Bordello.

Ben said...

That fake trailer nailed it. The overwrought music made me laugh.

Glad you liked the FR10. :)