Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tomorrow then?

There's something I'd like to put up here, but it involves a substative book excerpt that I'd be typing, and it's getting late now.

Lucky thing?  Tomorrow they're predicting an ass-kicking blizzard for the end of the week.  To the extent that the place where I work has already announced a 12pm closing.  So it looks like I'll have some time on my hands for little projects like that.


susan said...

Transcribing text is kind of boring but if it's something you want to remember, there's no better way.

We're expecting that blizzard too with possibly two feet of snow forecast. Just make sure you're someplace warm and dry.

Ben said...

Things do stick in your mind more when you actively transcribe them. I've noticed that.

Hope the snow doesn't trouble you too much up there. I was good and safe. It's just the boredom factor of having everything grind to a halt well after the snow stopped.