Friday, February 22, 2013

Not a trace of red

"Mack the Knife" sounds very strange in its original German, as compared to the English-language pop versions. This isn't just a cultural thing, as Brecht and Weill were looking to put audiences on edge. The look of early video - mpale and flattened - is strange to the eye. Kovacs was very clever in putting both together for these blackput bits.

Anyway, I'm still here. Probably a SatRan10 coming up tomorrow.


susan said...

It was just a couple of years ago we saw the 1931 movie version where Lotte Lenya sang Mack the Knife. Although it wasn't the best we've ever seen it was still very watchable, and yes, strange. Kovacs was very much a genius too.

Ben said...

I'm pretty sure I watched the 1931 movie with you at some point. Lotte Lenya is perfectly suited to those songs, I think. Anyway out of curiosity I should go back and see it again.