Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun zoological fact

In the vast majority of cases, dogs are bigger than cats.  That knocks me out.  Cats are felines, which means that they're related to tigers, which are Jeep-sized juggernauts that could kill you with one swipe of thier paw.  A domestic cat, on the other hand, is spry but only about the size of a human baby.

A Great Dane, on the other hand, is about as big as any canine that's been on the Earth since the last ice age.

Ferrets are more straightforward.  There are no tiger-sized mustellidae.  It would be weird if there were.


susan said...

Tiger sized ferrets, or squirrels for that matter, would be pretty scary.

Ben said...

Tiger sized ferrets would be scary and loltastic at the same time. Ferrets are famously playful, and have been compared to kittens that never grow up.

The squirrels might actually be more frightening.