Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where my head's at

Funny. Through the magic of laptopism I was just listening to Link KMHD. This is a nonprofit station based in Portland, OR, and the call letters are short for "Mount Hood." Mostly a jazz station with some world music as well. And I just discovered the station this week.

It's a good station, but that doesn't explain this. I was just listnening, and doing something else, and I sort of drifted off. While I was sort-of asleep I dremaed of being blue. Big guy with blue skin. Not aware of any envies on my home phone, so I don't know. Luckily I didn't dream about using the word "smurfety."


susan said...

I'd never heard of it while we were there but then again, I haven't listened to much radio since Dylan did Theme Time. Now I've got the link and will check it out.

I wonder if you dreamed yourself as this guy?

Ben said...

The Dylan show was all sorts of fun. I still have those discs you and Jer made from it.

Hee hee, that would be a fun dream. I'll keep my third eye peeled for further similarities.