Thursday, March 1, 2012

Falling out of habits

The watchband on my watch had gotten pretty funky. Apparently some substance in my wrist sweat ate through the leather, which is disturbing. Anyway, Sunday night the band split apart in a way that meant it could not be put back together again. The watch fell off my wrist and I wasn't able to wear it again.

Not until I had replaced the watchband, that is. Which I got around to doing today, going to a cart in the Providence Place Mall. That took some waiting, but I had time. Weird thing, though. When the guy had finished putting the new band on, I tried wearing it again, and struggled. I couldn't quite get it steady. Turned out I was trying to put it on my right hand. Not really the best way to go, since I'm right handed.

Not much of a point to the story, but ut's weird how certain things if you stop doing for just a few days you basically forget how. Wonder where this came from,


susan said...

Wouldn't it be cool if it were that easy to fall out of bad habits?

ps: Watchbands do wear out - I've been through a number of them.

Ben said...

Yeah, I'd had a feeling about this one. I tried to buy a replacement a while back but the guy didn't have one that fit.

Bad habits? Yeah, that would be a neat skill.