Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not happening

The Trayvon story deserves further attention. More than, realistically speaking, I'm going to give it. So mainly I'm just linking to this story, which shows the dread that this incident must arouse in black parents. (In this case the author is a white parent of a black child, but the principle holds.)

Good quote:

If the colors here were reversed, if a white man were dead by gunshot, do you think for a minute that the black man would be walking around free?

I have an impossible time imagining a black man shooting a white child and being seen as some kind of para-law enforcement. I can more easily picture hovercar freeways over Wilmington, Delaware.


susan said...

I think a big part of the reason that this case has made such huge headlines and remains in the news long after the usual 24 hour cycle is because a lot of parents are understandably upset about the continuation of racial profiling. The percentage of young black men in prison is already a scandal.

Since Treyvon's death was a result of a shooting, there should have been an arrest, followed by an intensive investigation to determine whether or not to drop or go forth with the charges.  That the police simply took the shooter at his word and did not do a thorough investigation or preserve evidence is appalling, and serves no one. 

Ben said...

You're very definitely right. This case makes it obvious - insultingly obvious - that in terms of how things are enforced there are two sets of laws. Separate and by definition, not equal. People who have tried to defend the Sanford police department have wound up in disturbing waters.