Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome, December

This is, I think, one of the first nights of the season in which the radiator has clicked on. That's a milestone. It also means that I'll probably be wearing toasty warm socks tonight.

And it's doing so honestly. No one's set the building thermostat up to a crazy temperature. If the heat is on and you go out and non-insane people are walking around in t-shirts, something's wrong.


susan said...

We haven't turned the thermostats up at all yet but our building is old and once the management turns on the radiant heating system our bedroom floor heats up even if we'd rather it didn't. That's when it's nice knowing we can still keep the windows open.

Ben said...

Theoretically we tenants don't touch the thermostat in my building. In actuality some people do, sometimes with the landlord's permission. If it goes too far in one direciton someone else, perhaps me, may have to help it get back.

The thing with the floorboards sounds like a kind of neat technlogy, but I can also see days where it might not be just the thing.

susan said...

I think they hung thermostats on our walls just to give tenants something to play with.