Friday, December 16, 2011

Laborious Friday Random Ten

My department looks to be short a few people for the next couple of weeks. So, my boss and another person look to be kind of swamped for that period. I volunteered to take on a couple of things, split between myself and a guy I work with. It seemed like the right thing to do and a pragmatic thing to do as well. It's always good to demonstrate your value.

1. The Clash - Brand New Cadillac
2. Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna
3. R.E.M. - Kohoutek
4. Frank Sinatra - You Make Me Feel So Young
5. Mika - Any Other World
6. Tori Amos - Marianne
7. The New Pornographers - The Body Says No
8. The Beautiful South - Straight In At 37
9. Lou Rawls - A Natural Man
10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Burning of the Midnight Lamp


susan said...

I well recall having multiple co-workers taking unexpected leave time around Christmas and not being asked to take on extra work - but being expected to. It was the same every time it snowed and I had to be there because nobody else could. It was amazing that the doctors never had trouble getting there. Still, I agree with your reasoning.

Great Clash song btw.

Ben said...

It depends on the situation, of course. If you're already wsamped, there's not much more than you can do. But this is work I know I can do, and I have the time.

Oh and yes, that is a mighty fine Clash song.