Saturday, December 31, 2011

Odd and neat stuff

I made a trip to the RISD gallery today, which I do every so often. After all, it's there. The main room was filled with Nancy Chunn's Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear maxiseries. Emphasis on maxi; I lost count of the panels, and some weren't even on display. It was more fun and less preachy - or maybe just more fun about being preachy - than you might think. Very acrylic-y.

I'd gone there to see the "Made in UK" exhibit, which varied. Most of the pieces in the Young British Artists corner weren't really my thing, although Gillian Wearing has an interesting approach to portrait photography. But there were a few paintings by Bridget Riley, the OG of op-art. And a still-life by William Scott, the late Scottish painter, that I found arresting even though I wasn't 100% sure what the subject was.

The above picture is by Lucy Williams. She wasn't part of the UK exhibit, even though she's English. But in another room they had one of her mixed media pieces. These are kind of fascinating, like dollhousees in two dimensions. Well, two-point-something.

And because it was the last Saturday of the month, admission was free. That's certainly a nice bonus.


susan said...

Nancy Chunn sounds to be a pretty interesting cultural critic. It must have been pretty wild seeing the installation and somewhat overwhelming too - much like the 24/7 news cycle.

I'd never heard of Gillian Wearing either so googled to find some of her photographs. You're right she has a fascinating perspective and an interesting background too.

It's good that RISD allows more people to visit the art by not charging admission some days of the month.

Ben said...

As far as the Chunn exhibit goes, yes. I saw a lot, but there's no way to take in everything. She knows how to draw a cartoon ostrich, though.

It's a good resource to have near you, definitely.