Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Putting it down

One book I've trid to read recently is Charle's Dickens' Dombey and Son. I had a good time over the summer with Barnaby Rudge, so my hopes were pretty high. Myabe too high.

D&S isn't boring. I'm not sure Dickens was even capable of that. But it is quite It is, however, misguided.The fact that the defining picture dies about a third o the way in doesn't help. The thing is that while Ebenezer Scrooge is kind of a bastard, he's the believable, relateable kind. Dombey the Elder is ten times worse, much more pompous, and he surrounds himself with old biddies who are even worse than him.

So this one I'm putting aside for now. Everyone makes some mistakes in life, which this sort of looks like. If I'm wrong maybe I'll find out later.


susan said...

He did invent some fine villains, didn't he? Quilp from the Old Curiosity Shop comes to mind. I never read D&S but A Tale of Two Cities proved he could write a good historical novel.

Ben said...

The Old Curiosity Shop: I think that's on my agenda for the near future. One thing that's interesting about his work is the way people beat each other up on every possible level.