Thursday, October 27, 2011


A freeze warning has been issued for tonight. Really, they mean early in the morning, but the sun will still be down and so will almost everyone else. But I believe it. It's been a chilly day. That despite our having, earlier this month, nights so warm you'd go to sleep with the window open and the fan on. So October is squeezing in summer, autumn, and winter. It's nine months' action in one. Kind of impressive, rea.lly


susan said...

We've had a very similar October around here - really nice days followed by a cloudy or rainy period that seem to lead to a 4 or 5 degree temperature drop for the next sunny day. I'm sensing a pattern. Our trees mostly went brown rather that usual autumn shades but I'll only really worry if they don't get green in the spring.

Ben said...

Oh, I certainly have my fingers crossed for that. A lot of them are still green down here, as I can see looking out my window.