Friday, October 14, 2011

Eucalyptus-infused Friday Random Ten

Because I have a little bit of a cough this week, I'm also taking Hall's cough drops here and there. The wrappers have these pep-talky messages printed on them, like "Get back in there champ!" and "You can do it and you know it." All of which makes me wonder if Cadbury Adams is planning to market antidepressants and/or ED medication next.

1. The Dave Clark Five - Any Way You Want It
2. Wes Montgomery - Baubles Bangles and Beads
3. Reading Rainbow - White Noise
4. 8½ Souvenirs - Life Style
5. Elton John - This Song Has No Title
6. Neko Case - No Need To Cry
7. Duke Ellington - The Mooche
8. Arcade Fire - Crown of Love
9. John Lee Hooker - Drifting From Door to Door
10. Joe Jackson - One More Time


susan said...

They sound kind of like fortune cookie cough drops - always a positive message. I wonder if you can still find one made by the Smith Brother's? Meanwhile, I hope you feel better and don't need them much longer.

Okay, this week I'm familiar with 8 of the 10. Reading Rainbow and 8½ Souvenirs are new to me. Wes Montgomery is always fun to hear.

Ben said...

I hope so too. It seems like it should be breaking soon. The problem is that October is holding onto Summer like a semiotics professor holds onto his youth. If it would just be cold and grey like it's supposed to be my system wouldn't be so confused. Oh well, just have to tough it out.