Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes I take a great notion to jump...

Given the difference between safe and sorry, I guess overreaction isn't the worst that can happen. Still, as a resident of Providence I feel the need to point out that this isn't Doomsday coming. It's a bunch of rain threatening to hit a city where most of it will run downhill. We may get some flooding, but the odds are way against it being the kind of flooding that carries away mobile homes. So I'm buying a little extra in the way of supplies, I'm putting masking-tape x'es on the windows, and that's really about it. Act like someone who's incapacitated and you may start to believe it. (A propos of nothing, probably a Saturday Random Ten week. I left the paper with the songs on it at work and there are too many gaps in my memory to reconstruct it.)

The worst thing about the storm coming is that it stands to shut down the commercial and social worlds* for a day or two. Annoying, but surviveable.

The best thing is that the writhing and gnashing over Irene will come to an end. And for me, maybe a chance to get to know the neighbors better.

*It's a deregulated capitalist society, so there's not much difference.


susan said...

It sounds like you're taking sensible precautions for the storm which is about all we can ever do. Although they can be frightening and dangerous, hurricanes, unlike tornadoes, can at least be tracked and so long as one doesn't tempt fate chances are all will be well. As far as New Orleans was concerned the worst was because of the levees breaking.

We're scheduled to have some heavy rain and wind gusts on Monday but our market looked normal today. I did end up reading about Hurricane Juan that made a direct hit on Halifax in 2003. Yikes.

Maybe you can share a beer with your neighbors while waiting for return of power.

Ben said...

Yeah, a beer with the neighbors might be nice. I wonder if it would make the inevitable slide into cannibalism feel weird.