Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sadly Zeppelin-free Saturday Random Ten

A little more storm preparation today. There's a chance of power outage, so if you like reading you don't want to be caught unprepared. The flashlight I already had runs on batteries roughly the size of a baby's head. Since those batteries aren't sold that many places, and because I had frankly forgotten the right way to hook them up, I decided to buy a new torch. That sent me to Radio Shack, where all they had left were LED lights. So that's what I got. Decent price considering that it comes battery-loaded. The high beam will only last 3 hours, but the low beam is sufficient for most purposes and will last for 72.

What to do if they're advising everyone to stock up on bottled water but you're too cheap? I happened to have an 89 fl. oz. orange juice jug that I'd just emptied Friday morning. I rinsed it out with boiling water and used it to stockpile water from my filter pitcher. The water will taste like... Opportunity!

And of course I finished putting crisscross patterns of masking tape in all my windows, so everyone will know just whose side I'm on.

Also, music.

1. Beck—Modern Guilt
2. Elvis Costello—Tramp the Dirt Down
3. Fol Chen—The Believers
4. Blossom Dearie—More Than You Know
5. Gnarls Barkley—No Time Soon
6. Wes Montgomery—Pretty Blue
7. Roxy Music—All I Want Is You
8. Sly & the Family Stone—Hot Fun in the Summertime
9. The Dave Clark Five—Glad All Over
10. Ladytron—I’m Not Scared


susan said...

Happily, it looks as though the storm has downgraded but it's good you were prepared and you never know when you might need a decent flashlight. At least I hope you still have electricity. We had a big thunderstorm come through one early evening a month or so ago that caused the power in our building to go but nowhere else. It was irritating to see all the other lights on when I went to bed at midnight. Luckily, we have a flashlight and my candle/candlestick collection because even though the computer worked there was no internet.

Hot fun in the summertime, indeed.
Don't forget to remove the masking tape :-)

Ben said...

While I hear that some parts of Providence lost power, I only saw a momentary flicker and then it was steady the whole day. I was looking at the Journal, though, and a lot of towns were still 80-100% out by the end of Monday. And parts of East Providence, which gave me a rude shock when I went to Stop & Shop Monday evening and saw they'd had to empty out all the refrigerated cases.

Also my building lost a couple of windows and part of a fence got knocked down. So it was a pretty formidable storm. But as I figured, at least for most of the city it's something you get over in a couple of days.