Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why is this beer different from etc etc

Just tonight picked up a six-pack of Hebrew--The Chosen Beer: Messiah Bold. It's a dark ale, which I tend to favor. They went out on the packaging. The letters in "Hebrew" are shaped to look like, well, Hebrew letters. There's a picture of a guy I'm guessing is supposed to be Hassidic, although it looks kind of like Trotsky starting a rap career.

The flavor is strong, again, which I like. It's also strong enough alcohol-wise so that drinking a second isn't a great idea on a weeknight. Three and you're on your way to a lost weekend.

Pretty good, although I wouldn't start any beerhall putsches with it. (Too soon?)


susan said...

Well, I just had to look it up after reading your description and I agree the He-Brew dude looks much as you describe. I like the idea of a Coney Island brewery. A few months ago I spent some interesting time reading about and watching some old (very old) video about Coney Island in its heyday. It was pret-ty wild - better than Disneyland for sure. As for beer, I don't drink it anymore but there are some excellent pubs around here should you visit.

Ben said...

From what I've seen, the Coney Island of old was just like you describe it. I wonder if that kind of thing is still possible.