Monday, July 4, 2011

Strange, true

Indulging some comics geekery here.

The idea of Dr. Strange as Marvek's equivalent to Superman is an interesting one, and holds water in a couple of ways.

Stephen Strange is powerful on a Superman level. Which is to say, if he joins a battle, in most cases that means he's already won it.

And he does have the same calm determination to do good. If anything even more serene.

The analogy falls apart a little when you look at the characters in their respective social environments. After all the changes the DC Universe has been through, Superman is still the unifying force. He's the hero all the other heroes look up to, who they look to for inspiration,

In the Marvel Universe, that role is largely filled by Captain America, although the Fantastic Four in aggregate may also play it at times. Strange is, for all his godlike power, a specialist. He's the man you go to for mystical answers no one can give. But he doesn't have a high profile and doesn't really want one.

So there's a public hero on one hand and an intensely private one on the other. Each is ideal and untouchable in their own way. And also relateable in their own way.


susan said...

While I was a big fan of Superman when I was a kid I must say that meeting Dr. Strange was a treat. Not only had he trained with ancient masters but he also had the coolest living arrangements of any super hero.
We could all take some lessons from him.

Ben said...

His willingness to learn from other cultures is also kinda admirable.