Friday, July 29, 2011

Open question Friday Random Ten

I just may or may not have cured myself of the hiccups. For the night, I mean, not forever. Which remedy would you say works best?

1. Grizzly Bear--Knife
2. Beck--Walls
3. Ladytron--The Lovers
4. Talking Heads--With Our Love
5. Patsy Cline--True Love
6. Wes Montgomery--Days of Wine and Roses
7. Roxy Music--All I Want Is You
8. The Beatles--Drive My Car
9. Fol Chen--The Longer U Wait
10. Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross--Charleston Alley


susan said...

Hmmm.. Hiccups. The best way I know of curing them is more easily shown than described. A glass of water and rather than tipping it toward you to drink, you tip it away and sip using your bottom lip. It may sound weird but it does work.

Ben said...

I think I know what you mean, and you actually give it a less terrifying and confusing description than I've read elsewhere.

susan said...

The only downside is getting your chin wet :-)