Friday, April 22, 2011

Somehow, the Friday Random Ten

Easter's a funny holiday, in that it doesn't affect the flow of workdays at all. Most people not in retail/restaurant work or emergency services don't work it, but the weekend remains stubbornly at two days. Just an observation.

1. Simon & Garfunkel--Save the Life of My Child*
2. The Dresden Dolls--Truce
3. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross--Charleston Alley
4. The Clash--Wrong 'Em Boyo
5. R.E.M.--Crush With Eyeliner
6. Warren Zevon--Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
7. Johnny Mathis--Twelfth of Never
8. Feist & Ben Gibbard--Train Song
9. Steely Dan--Kid Charlemagne
10. The Kinks--All of My Friends Were There

*About which, interesting analysis here.


susan said...

I'd forgotten that Easter in Canada includes holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday. The extra good news is that the grass is green again and there are proper spring flowers blooming wherever they were planted.

I enjoyed reading the post about 'Save the Life of My Child'. The concept of reviewing his songs from a fresh perspective so many years later is fascinating and very worthwhile. Simon and Garfunkle were an incredible duo whose music is as interesting now as it was then.

ps: That Kinks song is one I sing to myself quite often - especially if I've just done or said something silly. Yes, that still happens.

Ben said...

Here the next couple of days after Easter have given us summerlike whether, which isn't bad but is kind of disorienting.

Simon and Garfunkel, I think, would have stood out pretty far regardless of what time they had come to be known. There's just nothing typical about them. As for "All of My Friends Were There", I can definitely see what you mean about it. It's just the kind of perspective you need in times of embarassment.