Thursday, April 14, 2011

How I've bin

Recently the trash bins outside my apartment building haven't been getting emptied. This struck me as a less-than-ideal situation, especially since as a first floor dweller, I'm closest to whatever vermin decide to show up. So I looked into it. The problem was apparently the fact that we weren't putting out recyclables. Because we had no bins, but that's apparently no excuse.

So I went to the Department of Public Works on Allens. It's the sort of quasi-industrial building I used to take for granted and which now seems like a time capsule. But anyway I got new recycling bins, blue and green. I'm taking ownership of them, since I paid for them and that plus the ground floor potential skunk problem gives me an incentive to make sure these aren't lost or "borrowed." Got the address written on them in Sharpie and everything.


susan said...

No, you really don't want that kind of visitor under your windows. That was a very nice thing you did :-)

btw: Did they ever fix the potholes on Allens Ave?

Ben said...

Well, I guess you could call it enlightened self-interest. As for Allens Ave, it was a decently smooth ride on the bus, so they must have done something about the holes.