Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're so vain I bet you think Egypt is about you

Seeing pictures of the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt, I've been struck by how many of the protesters are women. Some young, some old, quite a few in what we'd call Western dress. If it's a big ploy by Islamists to get the country in their iron grip, as many seem to believe, then there's little to explain all the female-types involved.

As a counterbalance, this slideshow highlights what some actual Egyptians think. Notably the hijab-wearing women don't really fit our preconceptions either.

Even if the new boss turns out to be very much like the old boss, I have faith in the Egyptian people.


susan said...

That was a wonderful slide show and I enjoyed reading the interviews. The west has been playing the Great game in the middle east for a hundred years and it's really more than time that the people who live there get some say in who governs them.

I posted about the situation a couple of days ago.

Ben said...

The Middle East is making itself known now, I think. It's a much more fluid place than we've been led to believe.