Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waterloggededed Saturday Random Ten

Man, the rain today hasn't been that heavy at any given time, but it hasn't let up either. Result being that with all the snow laying around, the edges of the street have been filling up with these huge puddles. To the extent that you think you're stepping onto solid ground when you are very much not. Which is... interesting, really.

1. The New Pornographers--Silver Jenny Dollar
2. Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach--I Still Have That Other Girl
3. They Might Be Giants--Your Racist Friend
4. Blossom Dearie--Love Is a Necessary Evil
5. The XX--Basic Space
6. Finn Riggins--Furs
7. The Fiery Furnaces--Charmaine Champagne
8. Sly & the Family Stone--You Can Make It If You Try
9. Kendra Shank--You and the Night and the Music
10. The Clash--Death or Glory


susan said...

I can relate. We've decided a good name for this place in winter is Slush City.

Hope your feet stayed dry :-)

Ben said...

Yeah, so far this winter I've done a decent job of keeping dry feet. And thanks to the cold, the puddles are both lower and more solid now.