Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love the one your with

I like this. Yes, sex with homo floresiensis is a scene that I probably wouldn't get into myself. (Neanderthal chicks might be a different story.) But humanity has grown insular over the millennia, loath to admit we have any relatives among the animal kingdom, much less peers. So I'm gladdened to know that we once reached out to our kindred species, that we carry some of them in our makeup. Let this knowledge go out.

It's less thrilling to know that they're all dead. Their estate lawyers and life insurance companies may want to look into this.


susan said...

I never liked the idea we're only descendants of the strongest killer monkeys so that's news to gladden the heart. Perhaps that tiny portion of genetic material will be enough to help us through to a healthier society.

Thanks for the card and address :-)

Ben said...

Sure didn't want you moving without it.

I think another good lesson from this discovery is that even killer monkeys have more hidden depth than you might think.