Thursday, May 20, 2010


This evening while I was sitting in Starbucks (handy location for me) and reading, a girl came to my table. No no, it's not that kind of story. She had blue hair, and from conversation, I learned she was a high school senior in advanced art classes.

Her project--which she asked me to help with--was to draw with 25 other people. On a page in a decent-size sketchpad, she would make a mark, then I would, then her again, then me, and so on. At some point I felt like I was overthinking, so I started making the marks with my eyes closed, and she followed suit.

She filmed/taped us at work, so I don't know if this will show up somewhere and if I might see it. It was interesting, though, and I think the young woman in question will prove a valuable talent.


susan said...

I'd watch it :-)

Ben said...

Like I said, it was an interesting experience. I'd be curious to see how the other subjects behaved while drawing with her. My responses may have been a little different due to having an artist mother.