Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess we really can't have nice things

Well, I had sort of adopted Clusty as my pet site, the little search engine that could. It seemed handy and low-key at the same time. Then it happened. Acquisition by Yippy, Inc. And with it, this:, its sub-domains and other web based products (such as but not limited to the Yippy Browser) may censor search results, web domains and IP addresses. That is, Yippy may remove from its output, in an ad-hoc manner, all but not limited to the following:

1.Politically-oriented propaganda or agendas
2.Pornographic Material
3.Gambling content
4.Sexual products or sites that sell same
5.Anti-Semitic views or opinions
6.Anti-Christian views or opinions
7.Anti-Conservative views or opinions
8.Anti-Sovereign USA views or opinions
9.Sites deemed inappropriate for children
YIPPY RESERVES THE RIGHT – that any site or domain that displays, does business with or derives revenue from any of the above may be blocked without notice by Yippy, Inc. Sites that are blocked may appeal one time by sending an email with “Appeal Notice” in the subject line and include the domain in the body to Yippy is not required, nor does it make any warranty or otherwise that a blocked site will be reinstated. Yippy, Inc. and its affiliates general rule is that all material that would be objectionable to governments, parents, schools and libraries will be blocked and that sites or other search engines that do not have an adequate controls with regards to protecting children or do business with producers of objectionable material may be denied access to Yippy users. Yippy reserves the right to redirect its users to approved sites.

To sum up, items 6, 7, and 8 and that cute little after-note say that if conservatives don't like it, it has no right to exist.

Yippy was already getting on my last nerve. Their own site has these stupid pseudo-Japanese icons you can't get away from, and now they're censoring the internet on behalf of the slow guests at the tea party. It's the worst of both worlds.

Oh well. At least IceRocket still seems to be pretty cool.


susan said...

Wow, that really was a change for the worse, wasn't it? There seems to be a lot of that going around lately especially in terms of electronic media.

Ben said...

Yeah. I think people in the 21st century will need all sorts of virtual, legal, and psychological defenses in order to live the way they want.